門口建筑工作室(epos architecture)位于成都市大学路,成立于2013年,中文名“門口”意味着我们站在“建筑学”这座造物的宏伟殿堂的门前,既保持着“尚未入门”的敬畏之心,也对暗示着我们对“扩展建筑学学科范畴”的雄心壮志。而epos在希腊文中是叙事诗的意思,工作室以epos为名,是因为我们相信建筑应该象古老的叙事长诗一样诗意且有逻辑。




About us


Epos architecture located in Da Xue Road in Chengdu, was founded in2013. Its Chinese name“門口(the Doorway)“ implicates that we stand at the entrance of the magnificent palaceof Architecture. It not only reminds us of keeping the awe of "not yetentered", but also implies our ambition to expand the scope ofArchitecture. The name “epos” means narrative poem in Greek, since we believethat architecture is as poetic as epos.


The current design works are mainly located in Beijing, Shanghai,Chengdu and other places in China. We take "site, tradition, reality"as the starting point of design, trying to find our own answers. The scope ofwork focus on urban research, community renewal, public architectural design,and the integrated design-and-build service of small buildings.

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