001 兰家山公园改造及公共卫生间设计




The Lanjiashan Park, located at the outskirt of Yingjing County, is the favourite hiking and wandering place for local residents. The key segment of the park was an uncompleted concrete tower that was built in 1990s. The tower was the visual focus of the whole town because of its high location. This project mainly includes three parts: the tower renovation, the redesign of visiting route in the park, and the design of a new public toilet.

Referring to the wooden tower of Song dynasty, we adopted a better proportion to make the tower more elegant, and also to fit people’s thought of “historical”. As for the visiting route, we made the tower the centre of the park and expand the route, so as to create more space for visitors.

In order to gain client’s trust, we designed the tower, the veranda and the viewing platform in a conservative and traditional way. However, we abandoned the pseudo-classic style for the new public toilet, which they thought was an insignificant building. Instead, we tried to achieve a poetic architecture with good quality in a more natural way, at very low cost.

地址: 中国,四川省,荥经县

设计总负责: 蔡克非


项目年份: 2016


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