the Shuijingfang Museum Entrance Renewal



In the landscape renewal project ofShuijing Fang Museum Entrance, we create a novel element called “Layer stage”.The inspiration of “Layer stage” originates from the vintry archaeological site,which shows a specific texture by the stacking of ancient bricks. This element isintroduced to our design. The whole black brick is fractured into half with asize of 120 X 120 X 60 mm by each, and the fracture surface of the brick isplaced to face outside, to form an irregular stacking style and mimic thearchaeological site. This is so-called “Layer stage”, with a texture similar tothe museum façade materials, and in correspondence with the archaeologicalsite.

Element “Layer stage” improves convenienceand creates delightfulness by adding the layers of entrance and fence, breakingthe long green area, and reorganizing the path. In the same time, the “Layer stage”is embossed with ancient pictures to introduce the history and culture ofShuijing Fang, so that the visitors or passers-by can get a preliminaryimpression before entering the museum.

设计时间 2016.12-2017.2

施工时间 2017.5-2017.6


Location: Shuijingfangstreet,Chengdu,Sichuan


Material:Black bricks


Design in charge:Cai Kefei


Project architect: Gao Yikuan


Client: Shuijingfang Musemum


Photographer: Gao Yikuan

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